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This newsletter is a labor of love. After moving to Kamakura in 1993, I became intrigued by the many deities and faces of Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism. This prompted me to create the free A-to-Z Photo Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Statuary (now in its 14th year). It features an online photo database with 4,000+ photos covering hundreds of Japanese deities, gods, goddesses, demons, and creatures from Japan’s Buddhist & Shinto pantheon. Buddhist-Artwork.com was founded in July 2006. It is our sister site, our commercial site. It specializes in hand-carved wooden statues made for the Japanese market, and to a lesser degree artwork from China and Southeast Asia. Our online store features charming and delicately carved Buddhist statuary, amulets, glassware, and antiques — most are closely aligned to Japanese iconographic traditions.  

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