The meditation group at Magoksa Temple. Photo by retreat organizers. The group at Dongguk University (June 2012). Photo by conference organizers. Haemin, our interpreter. Left = At the Asian Art Museum in Seoul. Right = At Magoksa Temple. Master Muyeo at Chukseosa Temple. He gave a Dharma talk to the group. Master Hyeguk, Seokjongsa Temple. He burnt off three fingers as a vow to achieve awakening in this life. Master Jeokmyeong of Bongsama Temple, who gave a Dharma talk to the group. Photos by Charlie Pokorny. Bikuni (nuns) during the Dharma talk at Bongamsa Temple. Bikuni (nuns) during the Dharma talk at Bongamsa Temple. Master Subul at Magoksa Temple. He instructed the group during the retreat. He is the head of the International Seon Center at Dongguk University and abbot of Beomeosa Temple. Lady serving refreshments at the Asian Art Museum, Seoul, Korea. Man serving refreshments at the Asian Art Museum, Seoul, Korea. Venerable Jongho (taller monk) and Venerable Inhwan at the Asian Art Museum, Seoul. Professor Mario Poceski (University of Florida). Location = Seokjongsa Temple. Mark Schumacher (reading) and Alexander Kantner (Institute for Buddhist Studies). At the group's meeting room at Dongguk University. Photo by Jacqueling Jingjing (University of the West). Street performers in downtown Seoul. Street performers, downtown Seoul. Jacqueline Jingjing (University of the West) at Chukseosa Temple. Professor Yang Zhiguo (University of Wisconsin-River Falls) at Seokjongsa Temple. Kim Young Soo (administrator at the Dongguk International Seon Center) in front of Chukseosa Temple. Ven. Jongho and Professor Robert Buswell ( Professor of Buddhist Studies, UCLA) at Magoksa Temple. Chukseosa Temple. L to R: Lin Peiying, Beata Grant, Jacqueline Jingjing, Elizabeth Kenney, Yang Zhiguo. The chief librarian of old Buddhist texts at Dongguk University. Jacqueline Jingjing (left) and Lin Peiying at Seokjongsa Temple. Mark Schumacher (this site's author) at Magoksa Temple. Professor Malcolm Voyce (Macquarie University) with his bag of notes. Checking out of the hotel on July 4. schumacher-bell-tower-magoksa-temple Bukchon Village, Seoul. L to R: Beata Grant, Mario Poceski, Lin Peiying, M. Schumacher. Photo by Lin Peiying. Peiying Lin (Onani University; post-doctorate Oxford) at Chukseosa Temple. Seokjongsa Temple. From left to right: Lin Peiying, Mario Poceski, Jacqueline Jingjing, Malcolm Voyce. Monks praying at Seokjongsa Temple. Vairocana Buddha 大日如来 (J. = Dainichi) and chanting monk at Magoksa Temple. Meditation Hall at Magoksa Temple. Bye bye now. The Venerable Jongho with Prof. Malcolm Voyce.
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